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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 13, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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the scene of two unusual weapons seizures leaving some parents unnerve edd. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it's wednesday, february 13th. i'm gasia mikaelian and this is bay area news at 7:00 and we begin tonight with several developing stories including a fatal stabbing in san jose that claimed a life of a teenaged boy. our crew oun the ground tells us that police are on the scene right now processing sxefd reviewing security tapes from the area. the stabbing happened about 3:15 on north 21st street an east julian street right next to san jose high school. a family friend told our crew the victim was about 14 years old. at this point it's not clear if the teenager was a student there at the high school. investigators are looking into whether the stabbing is gang related. this marks san jose's fiftd homicide of the year. now to oakland where police
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are investigating a fatal shooting that happened about 2:30 this afternoon inside the apartment on 16th avenue. police said they were searching for two men seen running away. it appears the victim was visiting the apartment and did not live there. this is oakland's tenth homicide of the year. and in northern slau know county a pilot was killed this afternoon when his small plane crashed. the crash was reported about 4. 15 today south south of winter. officials now say it was an experimental plane. there are reports of witnesses seeing a wing fall off the plane while it was still in flight causing the aircraft to spiral out of control and crash. the wing landed in the center divide of the highway. now, to our continuing coverage of former la police officer christopher dorner. today investigators revealed some of what they found in the burned remains of a cabin where a body was located. we get the latest from reporter adds am in san bernardino county. >> the forensic team now work to confirm the body found in a
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burned cabin in big bear lake california is christopher dorner, the 33-year-old former la police officer who never came out of that burning cabin following a shootout with authorities tuesday afternoon. >> i cannot absolutely positively confirm it's him. his behavior, based on our deputies' interaction with him inside the vacant cabin, was consistent with mr. dorner's activity prior to. >> dorner allegedly killed four people, stole two vehicles before he barricaded himself in the cabin. one of the driver he is carjacked described what happened. >> he had gun aimed at me, and he said, "i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog. ". >> before dorner made a run for it, stole those cars and had the shootout, police believe he was staying in another cabin near a ski resort right across the street from a law enforcement command short. it's a short hike from where his truck was found burning but the theory is christopher dorner made his way threw these woods
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amongst these cabins. it was here the cleaning ladies bumped into him after several days authorities believe. what's also interesting news crews were staying within feet of this cabin and, also, within view the daly press briefings. detectives say they found a driver's license with the name christopher dorner in the burned-out remains of the cabin, but the lapd says it will continue to have extra security on some of those people named in the manifesto until christopher dorner's remains are positively identified. in big bear, california, adam houseley, ktvu channel 2 news. a police officer from the east bay city of pittsburgh and a suspect are recovering from gunshot wounds tonight following a shootout. two police officers say they spotted the suspect 30-year-old troy of oak lee about 11:30 last night on east 12th street. they say he has several outstanding felony washts. the officer say he took off running then pull add gun and fired at the officers hitting one of them in the back. the officers returned fire striking him. he was taken toth hospital in stable condition and later arrested. the officer was wearing body
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armor. he was treat and had released. happening now a protest is happening in palo alto outside the home of mark suker burg. the facebook founder is hosting a fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christy. about 50 protesters showed up. they say he defunded planned parenthood and closed clinics in his state. governor christy is keeping a low profile while here in the bay area. donors at tonight's fundraiser are paying up to $3,800 to attend. chevron had known for years about a problem with the corroded pipe that caused the massive fire at the richmond refinery. cal osha report says the pipe was installed in 1976 and san ramon based shef roven was warned about it ten years ago. it goes onto say the company knew it should have been replaced, but it never was. chevron has paid out $10 million in claims. the fire created a vapor cloud you see here prompting thousands
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of nearby residents to seek treatment at hopts. the metropolitan transportation commission today tentively approved spending $5.6 million on the grand opening party for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. that money would come from bridge tolls and paper security and shuttles for the 150,000 people expected to walk across the span. the private foundation, the bay bridge alliance is working to raise private donations, as well. the event could include a foot reyes, bicycle ride and a fire works show. party is scheduled for labor day right before the bridge opens to traffic. a homeless encamp. near the san jose airport appears to be growing. homeless residents said they moved here after the city did a sweep of another encampment. one homeless man told us san jose should open up empty buildings for people to move spoo. he said the city has warned them they'll be forced out of their current location soon. it's happened twice in less than a week. students at palo alto high school have been caught with weapons on campus.
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our noel walker live now in palo alto and tells us both weapons here are a bit unusual. >> gasia, those students face misdemeanor weapons possession charges. palo alto police tell me weapons of any kind here at the high school are rare. >> that is the sound of a stun gun, a non-lethal weapon someone might carry for self-defense. it's one of two weapons found in the backpacks of palo alto high school students in the past week. >> anything that could be used to harm any student should be left at home. >> the sergeant kara apple says reports of weapons on campus here are rare. >> two totally unrelated incidents but highlight that students can and have and will bring weapons onto campus. >> police say the stun gun incident happened last friday when one student tried to use the stun gun on another in an off-campus marijuana deal. the most recent weapons arrest was this monday. if kids on campus heard about it, it was only half truth through the rumor mill. >> this kid, he brought a fake
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gun and then another kid, he made, like, bullets out of, like, shampoo or something. it was something really weird. >> weird. >> yes. police say it was actually a home maid carbon die i don't care side powered cork gun. the instructions to make one are readily available online though not considered lethal. this you tube video shows a home maid cork gun could pack a punch. >> we don't feel that in either incident that the students were brandishing, threatening, intending to cause harm to other students. >> i think that's kind of scary. >> they weren't lethal guns. one was a stun gun; one was a homemade gun. >> yeah. but it's still kind of scary. >> you can see a la cross game going on right now. there was never any break in after school or school activities during all of this. no one was hurt in either of these incidents and maybe just maybe there was a valuable lesson learned outside the classroom. reporting live in palo alto, noel walker, ktvu channel 2
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news. police in brentwood say they're looking at vur surveillance video and following other leads after a string of break ins. the 25 residential burglaries were reported in the last month. in some cases items taken include guns and jewelry. investigator haves confirmed three of the homes that were broken into are the homes of law enforcement officers. >> public safety is our no. 1 priority here for the community of brentwood and we are putting forth every effort following up on -- diligently following up on some solid leads. >> police say they don't believe officers are being specifically targeted for their weapons. in all the break ins, no one was home when the burglaries took place. >>. california benefit exchange today became the first in the nation designed to help people comparison shop for medical insurance under the new federal healthcare law. the new benefits are expected to help consumers more easily determine what kind of coverage they want to buy. the covered california insurance
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exchange says the move will prevent insurers from playing a shell game and allow people to get quality care at lower costs. >> all california will benefit from having a standard benefit design so come january 1, 2014, they can make apples to apples decisions of choosing between health plans. >> the covered california insurance exchange is expected to begin its first open enrollment season in october. santa clara man is under arrest tonight for threatening a state senator from the bay area. authorities say a search of the man's home today turned up explosive chemicals and destructive devices. the bomb squad plans to return tomorrow morning to resume the operation. >> state and santa clara county bomb squad members plan to detonate more materials today as they did last night when they blew up what they call add potentially-dangerous substance taken from a home on humboldt avenue in santa clara. >> little one stays here because i had no idea this guy had chemicals in there that could be explosive. >> the mistierous substance was destroyed on the front lawn of the house where today offices
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continued to collect chemicals and other explosive-related materials. the search follows the arrest of 45-year-old everett bo sham who investigators say made what they called a credible threat to state senator leland lee over his gun control policies. bo sham was arrested at a family member's home in sunny vail and booked on numerous charges, possession of manufactured explosives, possession of chemicals used to manufacture explosives and threatening a dignitary and public official. the california highway patrol is leading the investigation because a state official is involved. a spokesman says the house is filled with unknown chemicals and destructive devices, which is why the search is so pain stake sglg you're not going to go in and open drawers if you have something potentially dangerous sitting on top of the desk, for example. so our first priority was to render everything inside there safe. >> investigators say they found what they called destructive devices inside and planned to blow nem up but then changed their mind to keep chemical residue from getting in the
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wind. bo sham remains in jail without bond. in santa clara, robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. the arguments on both sides whether barry bonds should remain a convicted felon. his attorneys made their best today. and money for guns. a south bay program loaded with six-figure funding, the cash being offered and when it's happening. i'm currently tracking some patchy fog near parts of the coastline right now. coming up the neighborhoods that will hit 70 as we do head into thursday and when showers chances have been add in the five-day forecast. sofa... desk...
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. he's pope for two more weeks and today pope benedict xvi celebrated his final public mass as the head of the catholic
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church the move was somber inside st. peter's basilica as pope benedict celebrated ash wednesday along with droves of worshippers. the 85-year-old pontiff told the faithful residing for the good of the church citing his frail health. the church plans to have a new pope in place by easter. attorneys for barry bonds -- williams has been following this case from the very beginning and was inside the courtroom today but one significant player was missing. >> weigh the arguments on both sides here today. >> united states of america versus barry lamar bonds. >> should conviction for obstruction of justice be tossed down. >> mr. bonds was convicted on the basis of a single statement. that statement consists of 52 words. >> that rambling 52-word answer is on the screen now, bonds saying he was a celebrity child with a famous father, his answer to a question whether his
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trainer greg anderson ever gave him anything that required a syringe to inject himself with. that was part of bonds' two and a half hour testimony before a grand jury investigating steroids more than nine years ago. >> why couldn't he answer that with a yes or no. >> he did. he did three times, your honor. it's no, no, no. >> the whole idea of obstruction and invasion is delaying the providing of the truthful evidence toth to the grand jury and if you delay and delay and finally give them false evidence, you're still not giving them truthful sdmrefd the case is now submitted. >> bonds' attorneys say although their client wanted to be in court, they convinced him otherwise. >> his being here could have created a -- somewhat of a distraction. >> the decision probably in the next four to six months, and my guess it might be a two to one decision. i'm not going to say which way. i think that's hard to say. >> if he strikes out here barry bonds is expected to appeal his
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conviction all the way toth u.s. supreme court. in san francisco rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. san carlos police have issued an alert to residents to be aware of thooef carslying out a rash of brazen daytime burglaries. four have been reported in a 48-hour period on cliff ton avenue. investigators say in each case the robbers kicked in a door to get inside but no one was home. the thieves made off with electronics, jewelry, camera equipment, money and other valuables. a man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl and dumping her body in a fairfield park appeared in court today. anthony jones did not enter a pleas and due in court again next thursday. he is chargeed with the kidnapping murder and rape of 13-year-old genelle conway allen. the judge said he's under the assumption prosecutors will sheik the death penalty against jones. today we also learned in the days before his arrest jones restrained wife filed a restraining order against him saying she thought he would kill her. santa clara county today
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announced a new gun buyback program. it's going to be held march 2nd at the santa clara county fairgrounds. the county is going to pay $100 and $200 for assault weapons. no questions asked. deputies are also busy identifying and tracking down any registered gun owners who are no longer allowed to keep firearm sgls the community is concerned, and i think this is what the community expects from us. >> $150,000 for the buy back is coming from the county's general fund. an assemblyman from sacramento was introduced a bill to eliminate limits on healthcare coverage for university california students. right now coverage is capped at $400,000 for medical care and 10,000 for prescription. his bill would bring the coverage in line with the federal affordable care act which does not regulate student health plans. american airlines and u.s. airways have agreed to merge creating the world's biggistest airline. the boards of both companies approved the merger late today.
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it now needs approval from american bankruptcy judge. it'll be based in dallas but will be run by u.s. airways ceo. together the two airlines will be slightly bigger than united airlines. republican leadership today rallied against president obama's call to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour. house speaker john boehner says an increase in minimum wage will translate to a decrease in jobs. the white house estimates boosting the minimum wage would help 15 million low-nfk workers. the last federal minimum wage increase was signed into law in 2007. it raise it had minimum wage from 5.15 to 7.25 in a three-sthech process that ended in 2009. on wall street today stocks finished mixed. nasdaq gained ten. today sis ko reported earnings that were slightly better than wall streetest mats. the san jose-based maker of compute and her networking gear said its adjusted earnings for $2.7 billion compared to 2.6
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billion for the same quarter one year ago. our exclusive ktvu field poll turned up some intregs findings on taxing sugary drinks. 53% of voters say they oppose a generic tax on sugary befrmgs but support jumped to 68% if voters are told the money would go towards school new trigs and fitness program. however voters in richmond defeated such a tax last november. 75% of those polls said they see a strong link between regular consumption of soda and obesity. a consumer health group is urging the government to regulate benches like it does tobacco. the center for science and public interest filed a petition today with the food and drug administration. the group wants the fda to identify a safe level for added sugars in beverages such as soda. >> beverages has a single largest source of added sugars in the american diet. >> there are more people in america that are overweight and clinically obese than there are who are normal weight.
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>> the fda classified added sugar that's generally recognized as safe, but the cspi says the ingredients are harmful when drinkers overindulge. americans are actually consuming fewer callys from sugary drinks than they were one decade ago. the disabled cruze ship being towed to alabama now xupted to arrive tomorrow amp. carnival acknowledged other mechanical problems before sunday's engine fire. some 4,000 people on board have complained about limited food and say bathrooms aren't working. carnival also cancelled a dozen cruzes on the ship while repairs are done. it's also arranging for charter flights and hotel rooms for the passengers once they dock. valentine's day arrives early for one group at a bay area zoo. the role visitors played in today's very formal celebration. and you can be sure things are already heating up for valentine's day. meteorologist mark tells us just how warm it's going to get.
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. there was a lot of love being spread tat california academy of sciences in san francisco the day before valentine's day. take a look at the heart-shaped valentine's. biologists were handing out toth academy colony of african penguins. each valentine had handwritten messages from visitors. as you can see the ping wins
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accepted them with their baeks and took them back to their necks. the penguins will either offer them to their mates or use the hearts to line their nests. for all of us planning ongoing big tomorrow, the perfect day. >> i think we got the forecast lined up just perfectly, gasia, with just some patchy fog in the morning but lots of suven shine for the afternoon hours. no umbrellas needed for your vaulen tine's day. the mild weather pattern is here to stay other the next few days. as far as temperatures for this afternoon you can see they range from mid 50s toth coast all the way to the upper 60s. latest right now oun satellite we have patchy fog developing near parts of the shore line but the extensive low cloud coverage you can't pick out heading toth south and to the west. as far as temperatures currently they are dropping off especially in the north bay. 49 degrees. napa currently checking in at 47. what's happening most of the summertime weather pattern you
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get the layer of warm air moving in up above and it compresses the marine layer and as a result we have dense fog hugging the coast around the golden gate bridge earlier this evening. that will continue bb in the forecast as we do head into thursday morning. overnight lows will be in the 30s out towards santa rosa, napa. san francisco 44 dprees and san jose is that righting out the day a chilly 41. we're all cold first thing tomorrow morning with some patchy fog. probably not as much overcast as we had this morning. high pressure continues to develop offshore. this will strengthen pushing the track up to our north. we have those northerly winds in place. as a result temperatures will continue to warm up a little bit thursday and friday. that means a few neighborhoods right about 70 degrees for tomorrow afternoon and same deal into friday with just some minor cooling by the weekend, especially by sunday. here's our forecast model showing you the cold numbers tomorrow morning, 30s and 40s and then in the afternoon hours
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links up with the 60s, warmest locations approaching the 70-degree mark. up towards santa rosa 70 by about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. san francisco 63. san jose forecast high 68 and santa cruz is beautiful, 69 degrees. look just great for your valentine's day and the warm weather pattern will continue into friday. the weekend some minor cooling especially by sunday. pvk skies by monday and by tuesday we could be tracking a few rain showers. we have late word tonight of a power outage. it is developing news in san francisco. this outage left a building in the dark. take a look at this picture. it was actually sent to us by a ktvu viewer. you see the tower there right in the middle. here's another photo for you. we did contact pg&e. we learned the outage began about 6:45 tonight. we can also tell you street lights are also out and this photo shows this point no word yet on the cause but it does appear it's scattered. we are told about 15 commercial customers are directly affected. thank you for trusting ktvu
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channel 2 news. i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we are learning more on the teenager who was killed in san jose today. believed to be 14 years old, possibly gang-related violence. stay in touch on tmz is up next. you're on timeout leo!
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